Greek wanax and basileus: A final solution finally? :P

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 7476
Date: 2001-06-05

Kalyanaraman offers a Dravidian solution:
>Any possibility of link with Tamil: van.akkam = obeisance? Or is
>it just coincidence?

Coincidence, it seems. The Greek stem seems to be /wanakt-/ with
a -t- at the end. There is no -t- in /van.akkam/, therefore it
can't work. Secondly, one would have to find motivation to place
Dravidian languages in the Balkans at such a late date. From what
I understand, Dravidian is most likely to have entered India
at approximately 5000 BCE (but certainly well before the Aryans arrived on
scene) and some further are inclined to relate it to
the Elamite language of Western Iran. Iran is not quite the

- gLeN

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