Re: Sarasvati River

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Date: 2001-06-01

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> Thank you.
> Do you mean that first a linguistic scenario for "Harahvaiti >
Ranha" is needed and only then every step of it can be considered as
possible or impossible, probable or incredible?
> BTW, can not Mordovian names for Volga - Rav, Ravo, Rava help
here? - If we accept in this case a borrowing from Iranian after
*Sarasvaiti (common Aryan) > Harahvaiti (early Iranian) but before
Harahvaiti (early Iranian) > Ranha (later Iranian).

For what it's worth (please note that I am not advocating an all-
encompassing linguistic theory, I'm just asking a question about some
data which puzzle me), some names of Danish towns at the mouth of
an 'aa' (brook, river, cognate of Gothic ahwa, ON รก)

Aarhus : (older Aros, i.e. Ar-os, mouth of the 'aa')

Randers: Randr-os has been suggested, i.e. mouth of the river with
the presumed name Ran(d), today Gudenaa.

Any relation to that Volga name? Pre-IE?