Re: [tied] Still on Sarmatians, Alans and Antes ...

From: Christopher Gwinn
Message: 7386
Date: 2001-05-24

> I know that this won't be of much help but here goes. I once had a
> book on Alan settlements in France. Sadly, it has disappeared. It was a
> small book with maps of many villages, clustered in a general area, all
> the name Alan in them (eg. Alanville). I've missed this book many times
> over the years. Also I've read about Hun settlements in the area of
> Pont-l'Abbe in southern Brittany.

"A History of the Alans in the West", Bernard Bachrach. Not a very easy book
to come by these days. Much of its material was utilized by Littleton and
Malcor in "From Scythia To Camelot".
Personally, I don't like Bachrach's book very much - he uses way too many
suppositions and hypothetical situations and then later takes them for
granted as if they were proven facts. Additionally, he knows next to nothing
about Celtic issues - something that seriously hampers several of his
arguments (Malcor and Littleton suffer from the same problem).

- Chris Gwinn