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From: Steve Woodson
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Date: 2001-05-24

I know that this won't be of much help but here goes. I once had a
book on Alan settlements in France. Sadly, it has disappeared. It was a
small book with maps of many villages, clustered in a general area, all with
the name Alan in them (eg. Alanville). I've missed this book many times
over the years. Also I've read about Hun settlements in the area of
Pont-l'Abbe in southern Brittany.
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Thanks for the useful replies. I am still here trying to 'fill' my
ignorance with another couple of questions.
I have read about the military settlement of some Alan tribes (or
generally sarmatian tribes) in Armorica thanks to Aetius or a
predecessor in order to fight against -or, at least, contain- the
Bacaudae. Does anyone knows something about them, their sors, and,
maybe, any study on local history and dialects?
Second; I am very interesting in the ethno-origin of the Slav (and
Baltic) tribes and peoples in which nomad peoples (such as Sarmatians
tout-cour, Alans, Kutrigurs, Outigurs and the summentioned Antes or
Anti) had an important rĂ´le. I read about the branches of the Polish
and their tribal component and White and Black Croatian (already
spoken about the origin of the Hrvat name), original Serbian (Srpsk
vs Sorabians; I also read about the 'Sabiri' as a leading, ruling
caste between them, and these last as being, their name, the western
form of Hsien-pi, a people which invaded Northern China after the han
fall) and others. What I wanted to ask you, is a panorama of these
melting pots (and their proves) and if there are historical proofs or
linguistic relics, texts to confirm these assertions or hypotesis.
Especially, I am interetsed in the Antes historical disappear.
Thanks ... for tolerance and patient too!


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