Still on Sarmatians, Alans and Antes ...

From: Alberto Manzoni
Message: 7370
Date: 2001-05-23

Thanks for the useful replies. I am still here trying to 'fill' my
ignorance with another couple of questions.
I have read about the military settlement of some Alan tribes (or
generally sarmatian tribes) in Armorica thanks to Aetius or a
predecessor in order to fight against -or, at least, contain- the
Bacaudae. Does anyone knows something about them, their sors, and,
maybe, any study on local history and dialects?
Second; I am very interesting in the ethno-origin of the Slav (and
Baltic) tribes and peoples in which nomad peoples (such as Sarmatians
tout-cour, Alans, Kutrigurs, Outigurs and the summentioned Antes or
Anti) had an important rĂ´le. I read about the branches of the Polish
and their tribal component and White and Black Croatian (already
spoken about the origin of the Hrvat name), original Serbian (Srpsk
vs Sorabians; I also read about the 'Sabiri' as a leading, ruling
caste between them, and these last as being, their name, the western
form of Hsien-pi, a people which invaded Northern China after the han
fall) and others. What I wanted to ask you, is a panorama of these
melting pots (and their proves) and if there are historical proofs or
linguistic relics, texts to confirm these assertions or hypotesis.
Especially, I am interetsed in the Antes historical disappear.
Thanks ... for tolerance and patient too!


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