Re: Sarmatian eggs

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Date: 2001-05-23

To tell the truth, I'm not completely sure. "Etudes" is written
in French which I don't speak. I used a French dictionary and
struggled to make out what little I could. Here's the sentence
from the book if you speak French or can have it translated:
"Peut-être est-ce aussi une ancienne diphtongue longue qu'il faut
mettre à l'origine de aik, dig. aikæ <<oeuf>>, qui serait *a:ikka-;
je ne sais si la forme ya:k du khvarezmien peut appuyer cette
restitution, parmi les variétés où *owyo- s'est différencié en
I wonder why there are so few traces of the word for "egg".
Didn't the Aryans eat omelettes?

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> By the way, the PIE "egg" word has left surprisingly few traces in
Indo-Iranian (none in Old Indic, as far as I know). How does
Benveniste explain *a:ikka-?
> Piotr