Re: [tied] Sarmatians in Hungary

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Date: 2001-05-23

Please excuse me if I'm wrong, as I know very little about the
Slavic languages. However if the 'c' in jayca represents a 'k'
sound then couldn't it be Iranian after all and cognate with the
Iron aik and Digor aikæ 'egg'? In "Études Sur La Langue Ossète"
the author Émile Benveniste derives Iron aik from an Iranian *aikka-
(first 'a' long) and some Sarmatian dialects seem to insert or drop
an 'i' or 'y' (Lat. 'j') at the beginning of words, according to what
rule I don't know. Compare these pairs in Digor and Iron:

æfsæ yæfs 'mare'
æ yæ 'his, her, it's'
yæx ix 'ice'
iuong, yong uong, ong 'limb, member'


"--- In cybalist@..., "Piotr Gasiorowski" <gpiotr@...> wrote:
> It may be worth noting that while the first three items are
indubitably Iranian, with closely matching forms in Ossetic, the word
jajca (<jayca>) is as indubitably 100% Slavic (plural of *jajce,
diminutive of *jaje < PSl *a:jo- 'egg').
> Piotr
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