Albanian sound changes

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2001-03-06

Another such case is <zonjë> 'lady' < *wik^a:-potnja:. In case anybody should think that historical linguistics is all sleight of hand or that we're nuts, the change *wik^- > z is really a regular phonological process in Albanian, more or less along the following lines:
*wik^- > *wits- (satem affrication) > *wts- (vowel loss) > *tsw- (regular metathesis) > *dzv- (voicing assimilation) > z- (here compare zë/zâ 'voice' < *dzvan- < *g^Hwon-).
Hence, for example, -zet '20' < *dzväti < *wtsati: < *wik^mti:
The original meaning of <zot> is 'lord', as Miguel explained.
zot < *dzvo-pt- < *wtsa:-p(a)t- < *wik^a:-pot-
Ain't it seven times better that the unimaginative "surface equation" Zeus = Zot? :))
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>Is it? You mean, like <zet> from *wik^mti:?

Thanks, I was desperately trying to remember the other case of *wik^- > z-, but just couldn't recall or find it.