Re: The Guti: IE?

From: John Croft
Message: 4487
Date: 2000-10-23

Joao wrote

> I've already read about links of Guti, mountain people who invaded
Babylon, with IE people. Does anyone know more about this?

Guti, Quti, Kurdi seem to be etymologically related. The Gutian
invasion of Akkad was not prompted by Indo-Europeans and is far too
early. There are no IE names associated with the Gutian dynasty
which followed the collapse of Akkad.

This is unlike the Kassites and Mitanni wjho follwed the collapse of
the 1st Dynasty of Babylon, where IE names are widely attested.

The Guti were progressively Iranised, so that today their language is
recognised as a dialect of Persian. They are however widespread in
the areas where Halaf pottery was used, and where the Mitanni once
ruled. More recently they are also in the areas which were once part
of the Urartuan kingdom, so they seem to have received many
influences from different sources.