Re: [tied] Demeter and Persephone

From: João Simões Lopes Filho
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Date: 2000-10-22

There is similarities although I think this myth was not IE. The rescue of a
deity from Hell, whose ausence cause a decaying of nature is present at
Balder myth (Scandinavia), Osiris & Isis (Egypt), Inana, Dumuzi and
Ereshkigal (Mesopotamia).
Personally I think maybe the primitive form of Demeter and Persephone legend
was inverted: Demeter had to rescue the "god of grain", Dionysos-Plouton,
from Underworld Queen, Persephone, like Sumerian tale
The Greek picked the tale of
"goddess-rescuing-lover-boy-from-hellish-goddess" and inverted it, to

Joao SL
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> Is there other Indo-European variants on the Greek myth of Demeter and
> Persephone?