New Discussion Group--ArchaeologyTheroyMethod

From: Mark Hall
Message: 4454
Date: 2000-10-20

ArchaeologyTheoryMethod is a MODERATED discussion list whose purpose is to
provide a venue for discussing archaeological and anthropological theory and
archaeological methodology. Whatever your theoritical outlook (Culture
History, Marxist, "New Archaeology"/Processual, Post-Processual, etc.), feel
free to discuss your views, questions, etc. on theory and method in
archaeology and anthropology, or on recent archaeology books and articles.
It is hoped that despite differing outlooks and approaches, the list can be
a lively and informative forum for all.

Particularly welcome are discussions of archaeological theory and
outside of the Anglo-American traditions. Book and article announcements
are also welcome.

While English is the primary language of the list, please feel free to post
in whatever language you are comfortable writing in.

Flaming, SPAM, attachments, and non-relevant topics are not welcome and will
not be posted.

Please check out for
instructions on how to join.