Re: Artemi> >of them a tenth part they shall turn over as as and th

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
Message: 4442
Date: 2000-10-18

--- In, "Christopher Gwinn" <sonno3@...> wrote:

> I would tend to analyze bionti as *bhwi-onti (with typical Celtic
loss of
> medial -w-) - especially considering that biont-utu appears in
> (Larzac insc. - where the sense seems to be the subjunctive of "Be")
and Mdl.
> Breton has a preterite form biont.

Yes, I know these forms, and *bHwijonti was my initial guess. The
word "arsnas" would then be the subject, not the direct object, of
clause 1, as in my first translation.

> ... I don't know about tousos=teutos - I would need to see more
evidence for
> Celtiberian shift of -t- to -s-.

There's hardly enough recorded Celtiberian to see more evidence for
anything, is there? Many thanks for the stimulating discussion. It's
greatly increased my understanding of the language.