Re: [tied] Venice Beach

From: Michal Milewski
Message: 4419
Date: 2000-10-17

Piotr Gasiorowski wrote:

> I've had to rethink the Venedic question. Here's my revised interpretation.[cut]
I really like this version. Does it imply that the earlier
Lausitz culture (being a base for later Pommeranian culture)
and generaly all Urnfields were of Italic (or closely
related) origin? I think you mentioned something like this
in one of your previous posts, but do you have anything more
to support this hypothesis (archeology, linguistics?). What
about the origin of some geographic names in this area
(including Pommerania region). I know that onomastics is of
no great help in settling linguistic and ethnogenetic
issues, but if we don't have a better source...