From: Mark Odegard
Message: 4408
Date: 2000-10-17

João Simões Lopes Filho wrote:
> Is The badger a quick animal?

Reasonably quick. Not so fast as a dog, I think, but fast enough.
certainly are capable of holding their own against a dog, even a
dachshund (= 'badger-hound'). The European badger (the one PIEs would
have known) is gregarious. The technical term for their burrows is
'sett'. The British are besotted with them -- they are rather 'cute'
looking. They can become habituated to man, and in some cases, can
become quite tame. They are omnivores; their prey is mainly rodents.
Their burrowing habits can bring them into conflict with farmers.

I don't know if they were ever a meat animal, but they have always
been hunted for their pelts.

The North American badger is rather different (solitary).