Re: [tied] Ogme/Ogma's etymology

From: João Simões Lopes Filho
Message: 4325
Date: 2000-10-13

Thanks for this explanation! I've been waiting many years to find it.
A curiosity: Ogmios is cited many times at Nostradamus centuriae.
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From: Christopher Gwinn
Sent: Friday, October 13, 2000 12:25 PM
Subject: Re: [tied] Ogme/Ogma's etymology

Ogma is found in Cath Mag Tuired wirth the following variations:
Ogmai, Ogmae, Ogme and, with the vocative singular, Ogmau (which looks to be a scribal error).
The -a- of Ogma is due to a late trend in Old Irish to write -a- for -ae- (in some late sources, the -m- of Ogma is lenited and spelled Ogmha).
The name should have the following declension:
        Masculine -io- tem
        Sing.        Common Celtic
N    Ogm(a)e    (*Ogmios)
V    Ogm(a)i     (*Ogmie)
A    Ogm(a)e    (*Ogmion)
G    Ogm(a)i     (*Ogmi[i])
D    Ogmu        (*Ogmiu[i])
-C. Gwinn