Re: [TIED] Re: IndoEuropean Neighbours

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 2515
Date: 2000-05-23

>Do you know how I can convert Power Point into HTML. I had a try and
>it gave me broken graphics when I uploaded

This sounds like an Ask-The-Webdever question! Have you checked the
referencing of the file in the HTML? You should see the following somewhere
in the code:

<img src="yourfile.jpg">

There shouldn't be any directories in the reference (like
"somedirectory/yourfile.jpg"). If there is, the image won't show up properly
if you've uploaded the image in a new directory or the same one as your

...unless you didn't upload the image at all! John, did you upload the image
with the HTML like you're supposed to?

- gLeN

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