Fw: [cybalist] Re: Tyrrhenus (was Easter)

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Date: 2000-04-28

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> There has been a fair amount of (I admit) speculation on my part about
> this under the heading of "Pelasgians" in this group.
> For what it's worth, here is a summary :
> Starting from : TO-ROS-
> 1. TO - land or people, cf. IE *dhgho-, or *tout-, or even Egyptian t3
> 2. ROS - ethnic name
>From TO-ROS, one derivation takes you to TROIES, from which TROIA (Troy)

> So, yes, I believe they are all derived from the same source, the
> attestation of which is the form TRS, from Egyptian descriptions of the
> Sea Peoples.

Marcus Prometheus:
Thank you very much for your great explainations !
So the Etruscans look to be descendents of the Sea People and of Troia

But what meant ROS originally ? Perhaps sea ?

And which would be the family of people (or language)
closest to the Sea People and Etruscans ?
Perhaps the Phriges ?

Thanks again and I hope do not to abuse of your kindness.