Re: [cybalist] Re: Easter

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 2236
Date: 2000-04-28

> I agree with Sergei. While a river spirit may be promoted to
> >pantheon-member status as a god or goddess associated with a >particular
>river, the reverse is typologically unusual -- rivers are >not normally
>named after (autonomous) deities [...] the noun "river" >implicit but left
>out: "the Running", "the White", "the Dark", [...]
> But *danu- IS found in continental Celtic rivernames. Apart from
> >Danuvius, another well-known example is *Ro-danu- (the Rhone). Any
> >etymological suggestions?

But why does *danu- have to signify the name of a goddess rather than simply
"river"? If *danu- is simply "river" then the goddess name just simply
derives from the word, and likewise the river names would not be named after
the goddess. No? Am I missing something?

- gLeN
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