Being disgusting in >Modern English<

From: Ivanovas/Milatos
Message: 1499
Date: 2000-02-14

Glen Gordon wrote:

>>Glen, could you possibly explain what the problem is with the tongue >and
>>vocal cords of chimps?

>Nothing! In fact they're quite tasty with a little wine sauce, simmered
>a low heat. But putting high-brow cuisine aside (or should I say
>tongue-and-cheek cuisine),

These 'MALAKIES' (Greek slang, look it up if you're nosy enough ... -
the translation might be >Modern English< but certainly not good English!)
are exactly the reason why I've started to just delete your messages before
even reading them (if I can avoid it!)

Christos was being nice when he called you a clown - that's not funny,
that's disgusting.

Just telling you my opinion...