Re: Just Joined, got lots of questions-help?

From: Gerry Reinhart-Waller
Message: 372
Date: 1999-12-01

Brett writes:
Hi Jerry
Thanks for the salutation - I think.
Concerning questions 1-4. I will take, whatever your offering. I be
pink, if someone could give dates +/- 100 or +/-200 years, or even if it
Middle Bronze age vs Late Bronze age. However if you happened to know
exact day, and place and individuals involved, or purported to be
that would be great!

Hi Brett,
My salutation was meant in honest; actually I thought you were
smart-alecking around thus the "nastiness" to my post. I actually can't
give dates any closer than the Bronze Age but to hazard a guess I'd go
with the early Bronze; however, dates keep changing and the age placed
on artifacts keeps changing as new "sciences" become perfected. And
since I'm a relatively new comer to archaeology I'd listen to others
such as Piotr. And thanks for your humor in an otherwise desolate arena
:-). The Bronocice pot was recently found in an area of present day
Poland. The pot is dated at 4725 BP; however, 7 calibrated C-14 dates
range 4610-4440 BP. The pot is of interest because it has a wagon

I have just concluded an entitled language-origins. Perhaps
you might like to make a pass at the posts and see if there's anything
there of interest. Stay in touch.