Soma & haoma

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Date: 1999-11-28

I have never tried the combination myself, but it seems like it would
be something like an ancient speedball(cocaine+heroine) - Eph. is an
upper and MJ is a downer (sort of). The effect would vary depending on
the quantity consumed and would last for 3-5 hours if taken orally. At
higher dosages MJ can produce hallucinations, mostly closed-eye
visuals. However, it makes you quite sleepy, and I guess the Eph. was
taken mostly to keep one awake and energetic and to enhance the visual
effects of MJ.

On a related note, the Russian name for the inedible/poisonous
mushrooms (esp. the so-called 'little brown mushrooms')is "poganki" -
correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like it's semantically related to
"pogane"- 'pagans'. So I would presume that "poganki"= mushrooms of the
pagans. There are several species in this class, of which the 'liberty
caps' are the most commonly known kind, that produce hallucinations
similar to the ones produced by the Mexican 'magic mushrooms'. In the
Slavic pre-christian religion Perun (Perkunas among the Balts) was the
god of thunder an lightning and it was said that wherever the lightning
bolt hit the ground, a mushroom would be born. You draw your own
conclusions, I just don't have the literature to look into this any

Gene Kalutsky


Mallory is very careful in his words, and leaves it to the reader to
make the obvious conclusion. Soma was a mix of ephedrine and
tetrahydrocannabinol (= THC = the active narcotic agent in marijuana).
I don't know what kind of 'high' this mixture would produce. I suspect
the Dutch medical literature covers this better than anything you'd
find in English. As we have a Dutch/Vlams speaker on this forum -- one
with considerably better qualifications than I to discuss this -- I am
certain further details can and will be elicited from him. Mark