Re: Substratum lexicon in Indo-European

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Date: 1999-09-18

cyryll-@... wrote:
original article:
> Dear Members!
> Thank you all who joined this list. I am sure this idea will be a
> success of Indo-European studies online!
> I'm now gathering info about substratum words in Indo-European
> languages for a new project on CyBaLiSt. I have already found something
> very interesting about Germanic, Greek and Celtic, but I'm sure other
> branches also contain lexicon which was spoken in Europe and Asia long
> before Indo-Europeans came.
> I would appreciate if you can share your knowledge on the matter.
> Cyril
Hi, Cyril!

It's a splendid project, but how about reporting to the rest of us briefly
what interesting things you've found so far? Given the widespread assumptions
about European prehistory, one would be led to expect traces of a Uralic
substrate in Germanic, "Minoan", "Pelasgian", "Mediterranean" or what-you-may-
call-it in Greek, Theo Vennemann's "Atlantic" (Afroasiatic?) in Celtic. Do
your findings bear out such expectations, or do you intend to come up with
something really surprising?