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Having said it would be straigtforward, I've now bolted on a Tamil
keyboard of my own devising. (The Devanagari stuff remains!) I've
only done U+0B83 (aytham) to U+0BCD (virama); anusvara we don't need,
and the numbers and abbreviations will have to use the shift key. I
had to stretch and shrink things a bit to fit in the long Tamil
characters. I've treated <ksha> as a consonant as I've seen it listed
as separate letter <x>. Are there any more conjuncts I should be
aware of? I've room for one more. In a sense they're not an issue,
because pulli automatically vanishes when there should be a conjunct,
unlike Devanagari where you have the choice. The prompts need
translating, but that's beyond me.

I'll put my efforts on the net on Saturday morning.