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> For children this provides
> > direct access to the visible syllable. It is the first that I
> > seen that provides this syllable entry. Have you seen any?
> No, but then I haven't looked, as I'm quite familiar with alphabetic
> principles :) My first thought was actually that it was another
> utility for typing foreign scripts on one's work PC.

I am sure that is what it is for but I can then have students use it
at school without downloading and installing a program. I too am
somewhat :) familiar with the alphabetic prinicple and have no
trouble keyboarding in the MS keyboard. However, *most* vowels in
Tamil are reordrant and some vowels look very similar to consonants,
some are completely obscure, so I find that it is almost useless to
get the students to use any of the Tamil keyboards now available. I
really have tried.


> > It should ideally come with a display of the transliteration
> > system or a complete keyboard map.
> Doesn't that depend whom it's targeted on? Labelled keyboard maps
> get very messy.

An auxilairy file that can be looked at once and then closed.
> I'll give the procedure for Internet Explorer.

Thank you for this. I will print it out. I wasn't familiar the 'view
source' part, but it seems clear now.
> 1. Save the web page and its scripts to your file system. (You'll
> need to do that if you're going to modify it.)
> Ideally you would save the page by using the 'file -> save as'
> commands. However, that can make a mess of textareas, and it does
> save the javascript in this case, so it's a bit more complicated.
> 2. The main page can be saved by opening the web page, and
then 'view
> source'. This opens a notepad window; save its contents.
> 3. The web page lists all the scripts - look for '.js' or 'script'.
> The scripts can then be saved by typing in their URLs (the URL you
> gave plus name, e.g. http://www.chhahari.com/unicode/keyboard.js),
> then choosing to save them rather than to run or execute them.
> The reason I said 'print it out' was that I think you will need to
> cross refer between the various functions. You'll also need to save
> the cascading style sheet (extension .css) - I think that does the
> clever job of laying out the keyboard.
> 4. To print the files you have saved - umpteen ways, but open in
> notepad and print will probably do the job. You may have to break a
> few lines, but you don't need to do much of that. Breaking after
> binary operators seems fairly safe in javascript.
> Richard.