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> > How do you mutate "That is child abuse" into "You are a child
> abuser"?
> The sentences were often constructed "if you ... that is child
> abuse.."
> Since I had indicated support for the specific quote that was
> referred to, I was definitely implicated. No mutation was necessary
> to understand these words as directed at me. This kind of language is
> inappropriate.

You (personal) are not familiar with the second person indefinite?

"If you get drunk and drive your car, you're in serious trouble." I can
say that to you (personal) even if I know you're strictly teetotal.

> I don't actually have a single strong point of view. However, I had
> thought that a forum was a place to discuss a variety of ideas. IUn
> browsing the internet, I have found that the forum is a
> civil place where deaf people from diverse backgrounds feel free to
> share their experiences and opinions, including both oral and signing
> upbringings. They do so in an open fashion without resorting to name-
> calling. It is regrettable that we could not have heard diverse
> opinions here.

This is a forum for discussing writing systems. Discussion of depriving
deaf children of language was not on topic in the first place -- the
window was opened by someone's false claim that ASL is "partly based on
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