Peter T. Daniels wrote:

> If you, and all the other hearing educationalists, think that increasing
> literacy is more important than being able to communicate, then you are
> all ignorant sadists.

Wow! I was thinking of collecting gems from Peter for a collection of
"rhetoric in action" for a loosely planned web site sometime. Now I am
pretty sure I will bump up the priority a bit :)

Just a few messages ago there was an insinuation bordering on ad hominem
attacks with regard to me. Now he has completely crossed the line into
ad hominem attacks.

Are rhetorical devices in various languages the purview of qalam?
Probably not, but if so I would be interested to see labels attached to
some of them. Privately if not on list :)

> The key line is "switch from ASL to Cued Speech."
> _That_ is child abuse.

And that is Rhetoric Abuse. I expect better from someone of Peter's
educational background.

Peter - why the change to such a nasty tone from you over the last few
weeks or months since SuzMcCarth joined the list?