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> > > My point is that Mr. Daniels has quoted no research, again...
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> > Pot, kettle, black.
> If the cap fits...
> > "Cued Speech is not a very well known option, but it is gaining
> >in popularity because of reading levels.
> > The average child using sign language graduates with a third
> >grade reading level.
> > The average Cued Speech child graduates from high school
> >with college level reading abilities.
> > Many children who switch from ASL to Cued Speech make-up
> >2-3 years in their reading levels in one school year."
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> Oddly enough you responded to this post of mine with an
> accusation of "child abuse". Now you forget that I even had
> evidence! Cued Speech is a way of giving access to English.
> The low literacy rates of the Deaf is from the Gallaudet website.
> The Laurent Clerc Centre now boasts that audiologists and
> Speech therapists are central to their literacy program, as it is in
> mine.
> Here is another from
> "All deaf children are supported by Cued Speech at Alternatives
> in Education for the Hearing Impaired at the Alexander Graham
> Bell Montessori School in Mount Prospect, IL, USA. In answer to
> a request for statistics about reading levels the Executive
> Director Holly Trueblood, wrote:
> ÔWe test the deaf children every spring using the same testing
> instruments used across the country for hearing children. We
> need someone with some time on their hands to sit down and
> make comparisons from year to year and follow each child's
> progress. I did that project on a two year comparison a year ago
> and found that using the language, reading and vocabulary
> scores all of our children except one were scoring within a year
> of their age-appropriate grade level, and most were well above
> grade level, some as much as 6 years! Even including those
> who were on the low end, all children had shown at least a 1.2
> year gain during the intervening year, some as much as three
> years growth.' "
> The following is on the auditory method.
> "Research conducted by the Central Institute For The Deaf in St.
> Louis, Missouri, compared reading levels of 169 deaf students
> in auditory programs and 158 similarly disabled students in a
> total communications program which incorporates sign
> language with speech.
> * It was found that the auditory students at age 16 were reading
> at a 13-14 year old level, while the total communication students
> were only reading at the level of 8-9 year old. "
> I have interacted with people from the Deaf community in the
> past, but mostly to listen to a commentary on the difficulty of
> literacy acquisition. However, now I am in a position, with recent
> research, to understand how a combination of resources can
> make a difference.

If you, and all the other hearing educationalists, think that increasing
literacy is more important than being able to communicate, then you are
all ignorant sadists.

The key line is "switch from ASL to Cued Speech."

_That_ is child abuse.

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