John Cowan wrote:
> Peter T. Daniels scripsit:
> > > And here's a bit of the introduction to the First Folio, with the repairs
> > > mentioned above:
> >
> > (Pretty significant "repairs." You have imposed about a century of
> > orthographic change on the passage.)
> Umm, not exactly. I looked at the Furness Collection online facsimile
> of that page and copied it, changing long-s to s, i to j where modern
> orthography would, and u to v likewise.

Exactly. Those are the three, highly significant, changes you
introduced. Long-s, which persisted to the beginning of the 19th
century, remains difficult for contemporaries; and i/j u/v make
17th-century originals _very_ hard to interpret.

> I also introduced two errors: for "BlackFriers" read "Black-Friers', and
> for "Cockpit" read "Cock=pit", where = is a double hyphen.
> Feel free to verify this for yourself.
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