Hi all,

I already knew that such things as "chromatographic scripts" existed,
but I came upon an example of one for the first time today (the Edo
script of Benin has 3 different glyph shapes that can be written in
about 8 different colours IIRC to produce different sounds)

I would imagine that a "chromatographic script" could be an
alphabetic script, an abjad, a syllabary, an ideographic script,
etc., and that the number of colors probably could never exceed 20.

I'm curious as to if anybody knows of any good materials on
chromatographic scripts, and if anybody knows of any other
chromatographic scripts.

Also, if this were to be encoded in Unicode, how would that be done?
Would only 3 glyphs be encoded, with the color decided by markup? Or
*gasp* would color be encoded in Unicode?