Zhongwen.com has been around for a while and - though I'm not one of
the experts you refer to - I like it a lot too (have had a link to it
in the "other" category of the Bisharat links for 3 years now -
http://www.bisharat.net/links2.htm ).


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> This page is neat, clear, and seems quite good. My knowledge of
> Chinese is beginner level, so I don't know just how good it is, but
> would not surprise me if it shows the basics well. It seems to:
> <http://zhongwen.com/shufa/index.html>
> The whole <zhongwen.com> site seems interesting; I noted the new
> system of character arrangement, which arranges hanzi/CJK
> according to graphic elements as a tree.
> There seems to be an online Chinese dictionary at that site, as
> Our Chinese experts probably knew about this site long ago. (^_^)
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