asci Society!

we t&p proudly invite u to brbarica barbecue
to the zone of mostrafica

direction are horned below*1

at he sunset we will present
the structure of universe

will say what how and most important why

as was sign many times
energy ~ matter ~ in_for_ma(tion)
we like to explain _.._ _o_ _i_

we like to say it when 136 will set
we invite anyone who love to know*2

and we didn't get it from the codex R.
even if this is there
we get it from previous consideration
by logical thinking

but we believe they knew it too before
by the same logical thinking proces

it wont be fun for us to read it in codex R
and we didn't read it from there
although we believe it is there

so we incorage you to challenge
perhaps u can get to the same conclusions

before our final barbarica barbecue ignition


_.._ _o_ _i_


2* it is the area of
philosophy, cosmology, quantum physics, mathematics, computer

science, linguistix, cognitive sciences ...
and desire for all smart and heart
we will present in purest mathematical way

we put it on tray
in so simple way
that who want to try
will understand why


if you think somnebady may be interested
plz forward this invitation.