I've obviously missed something (I'm still obstinately refusing to sign up
to Yahoo, so can't look directly at the web site to see if there is a
earlier exchange -- this is a hint to Piotr).

Cranberries are something of an American icon. Seasonally, you can get them
fresh, year-round frozen, and as prepared sauce, they are canned, as aspic
or plain whole-berry sauce. They make a wonderful glaze for turkey, a la
mint jelly and lamb.

I did not know this was a partial calque from Low German for 'crane berry'.

Anyway. 'Cran' is nowadays a fully intelligable free, almost unbound
morpheme for many Americans, with meaning unto itself. As in Cran-Apple
Cran-Grape, Cran-Prune. These are proprietary trade names of Ocean Spray for
juice cocktails based on cranberry juice and the other juices. You can buy
them year-round in the canned/bottled juice section of the supermarket.
'Cran-lime' jello makes perfect sense to Americans who have elderly
womenfolk into making gelatin salads (cran-lime is actually not that bad, as
jello salads go), and this would not be a trade name at all.

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