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Sent: Friday, September 22, 2000 11:29 AM
Subject: [phoNet] Sound sample of the "apicopalatal central approximant"

Thanks, Rohit, I'll have a look at that material over the weekend.


Well not exactly a sound sample. You see it's like this: I've recently
upgraded my comp to win2000 and out went the sound drivers for my
PCI128 Creative SoundBlaster card. In other words I lost the
capability to record on my comp.

So, instead of RECORDING the sound, I'm sending you a ram and an mp3
of a Tamil song (mix academics with pleasure, or as in my case
pleasure with pleasure ;)--I hope it'll be a pleasant introduction to
Indian music to guys who've never heard it before (the song was
directed by A.R.Rahman: considered a young genius in the music
industry here--He beautifully blends Carnatic with western... but it's
no use my going on and on here: a song speaks 3Mega words, so check it
out right away).

The mp3 is over here:


OK OK you can lower your eyebrows now, the guy who's hosting the file
has managed (with characteristic Tamilian panache) to get around
geocities's ban on mp3's by changing the extension to gif. All you
have to do is change the extension to mp3 and play it.

the ram (I'd strongly recommend the mp3, you know how bad the sound
quality of a ram file is) file is here:


Now a bit about the song and where to find the sound in it. The song
begins with a chorus of mixed male and female voices: ignore it. Next
comes a clear female voice crooning what I roughly transliterate as:

"yeNGE yenad3 kavidai, kanavile eZHud3 maDit3 kavitai"

the "ZH" represents the sound in question. You can't miss it. Luckily,
A.R.Rahman has chosen to have the first this line in a quasi solo, so
you can hear it without much interference from the instruments (mostly
the mrdaNGaM, for the bass).

Considering that this line occurs in the first third of the song you
needn't download more than 1M of the mp3 to get it (unless of course
you're intrigued by the song per se and want to hear the whole thing


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