I do hope all those umlauts come out OK. That's scha"a"a"big, schäääbig.
Szemerényi, in reference to 'Long Grade' in the chapter "The Prehistory of the IE Phonological System" (6.2.5, p. 115, OUP edition) says:
--start quote--
Still less attractive is the psychological approach. Lengthening of consonants (Fr. épppouvantable) and vowels (Grm. schäääbig) is known in expressive speech, but not as developing into a generally applicable feature of normal speech.
--end quote--
The master's point is not the point here, just the word. Does Duden allow such a thing? Has the French Academy allowed the e-word? Someone needs to trademark this one. Makes Hagan Daz or Motley Crue look pale by comparison.
A radio announcer with Tourette Syndrome: Tannhäääuser.