"Yahoo" is an obscene name, inasmuch much of 'forged mail' bears that domain's name. I don't think the corporate sponsers really want it, but we might just migrate.
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Sent: Wednesday, June 28, 2000 8:54 AM
Subject: [phoNet] Fw: [emn] Important Announcement

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Subject: [emn] Important Announcement

This is what's going to happen to eGroups soon. Let's hope
the addition of new features will be relatively painless.


> Dear eGroups Moderator:
> eGroups is very pleased to announce that we are joining
the Yahoo! family of
> services!  To learn more about the announcement, you can
read the press
> release at http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/000628/ca_yahoo.html
> As a group moderator, you can assure your group members
that eGroups and
> Yahoo! will continue to provide the same level of service
and commitment
> that you have come to expect from both companies.  We are
very excited
> about extending the opportunities and new offerings that
will emerge
> from this relationship to you and your group.  We're just
beginning to
> explore the possibilities and new features that we'll be
able to offer
> as a combined company. As we go through this process, we
pledge to
> solicit your feedback on any proposed changes and keep you
up-to-date on
> any changes to the eGroups service.
> We are committed to sharing accurate and timely
information with you
> about the service and the merger as it becomes available,
but at this
> time, we don't have any specific details beyond what's
included in the
> press release.  We will keep you posted, but in the
meantime, please
> continue to use the service as normal.
> Thank you