We'll check out Juozas' suggestion. A mike's a mike, I think, but I wonder what I'm supposed to do to make recordings.
I regret that Juozas' soundblaster is defunct. I really would like to know what a Lithuanian accent sounds like. Latvian too.
As for interesting American phonemes, that woman at the U.Penn site offers more interest than I could ever offer -- for myself -- and for any student of the 'General American' accent'. She's inconsistent! Just like me! And she offers thousands and thousands of absolutely freebies .*wav files, far far more than I could ever.
If yuh rilly wanna speak American, yuh gotta live here a coupla years.
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>My next computer, probably a cadillac from Gateway, will have all
the goodies, but presently, I don't.

Just plug in a mike into the MIC jack of your soundcard and bring us
the most interesting AmE phonemes. My old soundblaster is wrecked and
it won't record...