I'm suprised my instincts got it approximately right. I'd wondered at Ladefoged; my mind does it essentially as Piotr explains it. In an eye-spelling, Ladda-foe-ged.
Trudgill would raise questions, but Trud-gill instead of the /dg/ combination of 'judge' seems more natural. The double-L at the end gives it away, at least for me. It can't rhyme with 'cudgel'.
From: Piotr Gasiorowski
Labov (American) [l@'bAv]
Ladefoged (British, though UCLA-based) ['ladI,f@UgId]
US [lə'bαv], UK [lə'bɒv]
UK ['lædɪˌfəʊgɪd], US ['læɾəˌfoʊgəd]
BTW, there is a famous British dialectologist and phonetician called Peter Trudgill ['tɹʌdgɪl]. I've met native speakers of English who didn't know how to pronounce his surname (a dialectal version of "treadle").