hi all,

first of all, yes, i am interested in discussing phonetics and phonology,
otherwise i would not have subscribed to this list yesterday ;-).
let me take the opportunity to introduce myself:

i am an austrian holding a master's degree in slavic languages (russian)
and general linguistics and now are working at a major company (no ads,
just look at the mail-adres *gg*) providing speech recognition software.

my interests at the university mainly were phonology and sociolinguistics
(and the connections between them). my master's thesis also handled the
both: i wrote about a phonological phenomenon (concerning stress and
vowel lengthening in the pre-stressed syllable) in the city-language of
moscow. unfortunately, i still could not find the time to adapt it for putting
it onto the net; but sometimes it will be there ...
in the time remaining i hacked around a little bit with prolog, a nice
programming language.

well, i hope there will be interesting discussions concerning phonology...


10.05.2000 04:28
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What happened to this list?
Is anybody interested in Spanish, German, or Japanese phonetics?

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