Could the Slavs on this group give me a quick and dirty way to form the
English adjective for the Nenets language? Is 'Nenetsy' the Russian
adjective for this Uralic language?

I'm looking for 'Nenetsic', a la Germanic Slavic Italic Hellenic etc-ic.


Gerry here: Not sure whether this will help out or not. Alekseev
mentions three groups belonging to the Samoedian Family: 1) Nganasanian;
2) Ensier (Entsy); 3) Nenetic (Nentsy). So according to Alekseev the
term is Nentsy.

HOLLIS lists the Samoyeds People as: 1) Entsy; 2) Nentsy; 3) Nganasani;
4) Selkups; 5) Tuvinians.

Arutiunov corrects the HOLLIS listings: It's Samodic not Samoyeds; it's
Nenets not Nentsy; it's Nganassan not Nganasani; and the Tuvinians are
now Turkic.

Aleskeev also made a huge point about the Nenets. In lecture 9 he had
included Nenets as belonging to the Finno group of Finno Ugric. In
lecture 10 he told us to return to lecture 9 and remove Nenets from the
Finnic sub-family and place it within the Samoyedian Family.

This is most interesting because William Fitzhugh in the summer of 1994
astonishingly discovered the Nenets Tribe on the Yamal Peninsula and
claimed they spoke Finno-Ugric. According to Alekseev, they should have
spoken Samoyedic. Arutiunov comments: "Why should William Fitzhugh be
astonished! Nentsy always lived in Yamal. Of course, they speak
Samoyedic (Samodic)

Hope this is of some use.