> English:
> It was a small white kitten.
> Lithuanian:
> Tai buvo nedidel� balta katyt�.
> IPA:
> /|tai \|buvo? n?\|d?id??le: bal\|ta ka\|t?i?t?e?
> I don't know how I'm supposed to transcribe what I have here as \|
>and /|. In my text, the points come together. What are these called?
>what do they represent. Tone marks? SCI Unipad is not too helpful

You know, I'm feeling like the main heroe in "Golden Bug" by E. A.
Poe, as I've never seen those marks but I see that the syllable right
after any of the cryptic signs is definitely the stressed one (the
first syllable in "BUvo", the last syllable in "balTA" etc). As to
why one sign has the points coming together at the top and another
one at the bottom, well, it may have something to do with pitch
accent but I'm not sure (the marks aren't used in
regular Lithuanian textbooks).

Juozas Rimas