This one is no problem at all. Everything displays as it should. I've whacked it to save band width.  The column justification is sloppy, but your other efforts with tables show the work you are doing.  I'm game to help you, Piotr.
It occurs to me that a table encapsulating the data on European languages in Daniels and Bright's The World's Writing Systems, plus the transcription key given by Mallory and Adams in EIEC would probably consistitute 'fair use' (and not a copyright violation), whereas copying only one would be a copyright violation.  Copying from one author is plagiarism; copying from two (and giving full credit) is research, as they say.
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WWWebster into IPA – a conversion chart for General American
  1. \&\ as a and u in abut            [ə], [ʌ]            (unstressed/stressed respectively)
  2. \&\ as e in kitten            \&n\ = [n̩]            (a syllabic consonant)
  3. \&r\ as ur and er in further            [ɝː], [ɚ]            (stressed/unstressed r-coloured vowels; worry = [ˈwɝːiː])