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Sent: Tuesday, April 11, 2000 3:43 PM
Subject: [phoNet] Browser difficulties.

It isn't a serious problem for me; I just wondered if it would make other members' life difficult. It's probably some fault in a particular IE5/OutlookEx5 edition (though I updated mine yesterday and it didn't help), as Widows95/98 applications in general have no difficulty with Unicode characters. For example, UTX files can be opened in Word and there are no font problems. It's only one vowel, after all, so when I see a square I know what it is. I've already suggested a foolproof way of posting transcriptions, especially long ones, as UTX text files. Don't worry, I can live with it.
I have replicated Piotr's problem on a different PC using earlier versions of both W95 and Netscape (4.5 in this case). I got squares. However, on this machine with a later version of W95 and using Netscape 4.7, the script a, [ɑ], ː and the schwa display perfectly. It displays flawlessly in MS Outlook Express as well (I'm composing this in OL).
One I have noticed is that the combining diacritics tend to not center themselves correctly over or under the letter. This might also be an artifact of what browser you use, and what edition it is.