From: Piotr Gasiorowski
P.S. An idea has suddenly occurred to me. Unipad text files (.UTX) can be sent as attachments and opened using Unipad. They are not bug-infested like some MS products, and (being just text files) are very small. Could be ideal for sending larger amounts of transcription or any other "special" text. Please check if the one enclosed with this posting opens easily.
In MS Outlook Express, the attachment successfully opens in unipad. Unipad does generate a prompt. You have to 'reload' as UTF-8 for it to successfully open. I did this several times, and each time you get the prompt. I don't know how to configure things to make this the default.
Using Netscape 4.7 at the web site, I cannot open it. I believe you have to define a new extension for NS. I attempted to do this:
new type
file extension = utf
At this point, moving to the next field brought up the SCI data in the box. Netscape demanded a mime type, and here I was thwarted. What am I supposed to put here?