I spent the evening fiddling with Unipad. Tried my hand at transcribing Greek. I had difficulty with the breathings (what are you supposed to use?) A word like omicron (rough breathing + acute accent) tau iota: hóti Unipad needs to add grave, acute and circumflex accents to the Greek keyboard. There is that SIL keyboard package that comes with the SIL IPA fonts, but I've never quite figured it out.
I checked out the Ladefoged site. Some of the consonants are very weird to my ears, as if everything is being trilled; [r] sounds like 'are-whah', in a French accent. Parts of the site are 'broken'.
As y'all know, what phonology I have is self-taught. I'll be asking some very elementary questions.
Here are some sounds rather difficult to transcribe. Has IPA caught up with the throat-singers of Tuva yet?
This link gives a selection of sound clips:
This is something anyone who is interested in phonology needs to check out.
Scientific American has a nice article on the topic available online:

[mɑːrk ˈodəgɑrd]

The [d] should probably be a tap.