As is the yearly custom for the translation of the passage closest to April 1, here is what Google Translate came up with:

He was living at this meeting from what other men. He took one cattle skin raw and cut on a slit and went in and herded himself with a rope, one big ax in his hand, and went out and went in and said:


[Option A]

   Shell with shield shrub,

   very old,

   come a sector of good fortune,

   act as Roost.

   Well, now you need it

   often on a large scale,

   showed a monk satisfy the ravens,

   together too everything to level.

[Option B]

   Shall walk forward with a shield shrub that the rost as Roost. Created age. The sector of the well will come. Often, then, we often have to aim to level ourselves together. Monk shown to satisfy ravens.

[Option C]

   I shall walk with the fighter in the battle like Roost. My age is determined. Fight will come. Now, they do not, as they often throw to my word, need to level up on all things. I will certainly weigh men.


Thorvaldr came to Eyr with one hundred men, and if he saw Hrafn's preparation, both a great and a great crowd, then he seemed to be unpopular with them. Then Thorvald sat down on a slope of one dose from the fortress.

Eyvindr Þórarinsson had collected items about Tálknafjörður and Dali in Arnarfjörður and went to Eyrar.

Now when Thorvald saw where the ships were going, he went down to sea with his party, and intended to be on the shore, as Eyvind's coming to land.

Eyvind saw where Thorvald's party was on the beach. He said to his comrades that they should not lay the ships.

Thorvaldr called on the men and asked who ruled, but he was told that Eyvind Thorarinsson was in charge.

Thorvald called Eyvind, and said that he should lay the ships on the land - "for I will speak to you."

Eyvind replies: "If you have a great deal of power over you, speak from there now that you have come, but I will hear an answer that I have come to, for I am not overwhelmed by you."

Then Thorvald answered nothing.

Then they saw, who were in the fortress, a group of Thorvald and the captains, where they were called. In the fort there were two brothers Eyvindur, Tómas and Halldórr, and when they saw where Eyvindr had come their ships, then they walked over the fortress with a great class against Eyvind, and when Thorvaldr saw theirs, he walked on the path from the shore.