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> When I read Brian's notes about the latest Laxdaela section,
> instead of Icelandic characters, I see corrupted text as in:
> ráðagerð. I tested on two separate PCs running different
> Internet browsers, and both showed the strange characters.

> Any ideas as to how to fix?

In Firefox click on 'View'; go to 'Character Encoding' in the
drop-down menu, and set the encoding to 'Unicode (UTF-8)'. I
don't use IE, but I just fired up whatever (probably oldish)
version is on this machine; on it you want the 'Page' menu, and
within it 'Encoding'. (If you use Opera, or Chrome, or any
Mac-specific browser, you're on your own!)

I recently upgraded my e-mail client and set the new version to
post in UTF-8 by default. My older posts sent via e-mail were
in ISO-8859-1; Yahoo Groups uses this as its default, so it
handled them fine, but it isn't bright enough to read headers
and therefore louses up the default display of other encodings.
Of course any posts that I send via the web interface -- like
this one -- will be encoded in ISO-8859-1. (Test: <ráðagerð>
should show up normally here.) But I don't like web interfaces,
so I mostly will be posting in UTF-8, unless it's a real problem
for someone.