I wanted to follow up on a couple of things from the last Laxdaela segment.  First:

ganga fram á mel nokkurn

should be:

walk forward to a certain sand (or gravel) bank

I had mistranslated this as walk somewhat forward to a sand/gravel bank.  That got me thinking:  How would you convey the idea of walking somewhat forward?

Ganga nökkut fram á mel (???)


Síðan lét Hrútur af höggva féið.

Should be:

Then Hrut had the cattle slaughtered.

My mistranslation had him ceasing from slaughtering cattle, and this came in part from seeing that láta af e-u = to leave off, desist from.    

Am I correct now in seeing that one reason to reject "láta af" is because it requires a noun, and "höggva" is a verb? 

Thank you.