This is a very interesting addition Alan - handsölum - this seems to be connected to the custom - Scottish I believe - of never giving a purse to anyone as a gift unless you also put a piece of silver into it - the word I believe to be used is "Handsell"  if the purse is not thus "handselled" it will be bad luck for the giver or the receiver - I wonder if anyone can enlighten me further .
Hope this letter is received well  I am using my laptop exclusively lately - the study is being "refurbished"
Following all norse-course still with avid interest
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A few pointers below on spelling variants and vowel changes not covered in my translation notes.





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Höskuldur mælti: "Skotið hefir þér þá skelk í bringu er þú hefir eigi átt að etja við svo mikið ofurefli."

Hoskuld speaks: "You are seized with fear then which you have not had to incite with so much (ofurefli ?)  (Z. skelkr - skýtr skelk í bringu, one is seized with fear)

[Alan] ofurefli = modern spelling of ofrefli (see Zoega)

Þórður svarar: "Eigi skal nú það þó því að eg vil gjarna að þú takir handsölum á öllu fénu.

Thord answers: "I shall not now that though therefore that I will willingly that you take (handsölum?) to all the wealth.

[Alan] handsölum = dative pl of handsal (see Zoega)