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Þeir Ásgautur og Þórólfur voru komnir í svo mikinn klofa
They, Ásgautr and Þórolfr were (had) come into such a great straights
(ie in a tight-spot (metaphorical here, I think), were caught in a trap,
see klofa, Z1),

báðum megin en gengin (ganga) upp
both sides but (and the river was) swollen-with-ice (see ganga upp, Z15)

sýndist (sýnast) þeim áin óyfirfærileg (úyfirfæriligr).
the-river seemed to them impassable (not-over-convey-able).

allra manna gisting.
accomodation for all men (persons).

til halds og trausts
for support and protection

Fred and Grace Hatton
Hawley Pa