I have a request to translate "cup bearer" into old norse.
While this is trivial at first glance there are a couple of
connotations I would like to work into the translation that
make it tricky.

It has been a while since I have had time to work on my
old-norse so this would make a good opportunity for anyone
to post about creating compound words.

Old norse does seem to have a lot of options for cupbearer:

Skenkjari (cup bearer male)
skutilsveinn (cup bearer with connotation of "page")
byrlari (cup bearer with connotation of "one who fills the
vínbyrli (wine bearer)
ölselja (ale cup bearer - female)

The context I am after is that of a friendship cup. The
is male so "maðr" is appropriate.

The concept involved is related to verse 52 of the havamal -
at least the following part:

með höllu keri
fekk ek mér félaga

"with tilted cup I have made comrades"

In this case "keri" is clearly the word I'm hunting for.

ker, n. tub, vessel, goblet.

The only contexts offered for "ker/keri" seem to place it in
the second half (höllu keri) rather than as a leading part

I also need to find a way to work in "holder"

Zoega offers

hefðarmaðr (man who possesses)
burðarmaðr (burden bearer - male)

Verse 19 of the havamal offers "Haldit maðr á keri"
which has the concept of "don't hold the cup" which isn't
quite right for me. Zoega also doesn't seem to have any
help on "haldit".

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Takk Fyrir